WhatsApp's Disappearing Messages feature released for Indian users

The instant messaging app Whatsapp officially launched the Disappearing Message feature earlier this month. Now this feature has been released for Indian Android and iOS users. The feature of this feature is that after its activation, the messages, photos and videos sent on WhatsApp will disappear automatically after a week.

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WhatsApp's Disappearing Messages feature 

The feature of the Disappearing Messages feature is that it automatically deletes the messages coming on your WhatsApp after 7 days. Explain that it works exactly like the features present on Gmail, Telegram and Snapchat.

How to activate a disarming message feature

  • Open the messaging app Whatsapp.
  • Open the contact for which you want to activate the Disappearing Message feature.
  • Now click on the name of the contact.
  • Clicking on the name of the contact will open his WhatsApp account.
  • Here you will see the Disappearing Message feature, click on it.
  • On clicking on the Disappearing Message feature, you will see the option of On and Off, click on the option of On.
  • Now this feature will be activated and the sent message-photo-video will disappear automatically after 7 days.

These special features are coming soon on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is soon going to change the name of its most special and old feature Archived Chats to Read Later. This feature will work as a Vacation mode. After this feature is activated, users will not get message or call notifications from select contacts. At the same time, users can activate and de-activate this feature according to their own.

Mute videos feature

Mute video is one of the special features of WhatsApp. Users can mute any video before sending it through this feature. Currently, this feature is being tested. The mute video feature is expected to be released for users soon.
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