Amazing feature in WhatsApp: New Style of Chatting

 New features are often launched towards the instant messaging app WhatsApp. This not only makes users easier in chatting, but also changes the style of chatting. One such new WhatsApp feature has been launched, which is specifically for iOS users. In which you can put different backgrounds in different chat windows. Meaning that users can put any wallpaper according to their chat in the chat window of WhatsAp contacts. In the new option, users can apply different wallpapers in dark mode in addition to different wallpapers for each chat. Also, users will be able to edit the opacity of the wallpaper. Users will get a total of 61 custom wallpapers, including 32 new bright wallpapers and 29 new dark wallpapers. Its information has been provided by WABetaInfo.

Will be able to use this way

First of all, the user has to install the latest iOS version of WhatsApp in the phone.

After this, the user has to open WhatsApp and go to the settings of the app.

After this, you have to tap on chat and then chat wallpaper option.

If Dark Mode is enabled on your iPhone, then you will be able to select the Dark Mode wallpaper of the app or select a photo from the phone.

Here the wallpaper can be changed for different chats and groups.

If you want to change the wallpaper for the light theme, you can select the custom wallpaper after turning off the Dark Mode.

Users will get an option to make a photo wallpaper from their phone's gallery, choose a solid color or default doodle background.

These are the latest features of WhatsApp

Recently many features have been launched by Facebook and WhatsApp. Indians had been waiting for these features for a long time. These features include WhatsApp Disappearing Message feature, WhatsApp storage management tool, Always mute option, Advanced search.

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