Google did not have cyber attack, company gave the reason why Google, Gmail and Youtube were closed

All Google services like Youtube, Gmail, Google Map, Google Drive suddenly stopped working on Monday evening. Due to this, there was a lot of stir in the internet world. In many media reports, the sudden shutdown of the Google service was described as a major cyber attack. This has increased problems for the people regarding various types of privacy issues including banking security. However, a clarification has been issued by Google in this matter, which has ruled out the possibility of cyber attack on Google.

Google reported that today about 3.47AM (5.17 PM Indian time) experienced authentication system outage. Due to this, Google's service stopped for about 45 minutes. One such internal storage was caused by the quota issue. Simply put, Google's team is working on the backend regarding user identification and data storage, due to a technical problem in it, all the services of Google were stopped for 45 minutes. But according to Google this problem was fixed at 4.32 AM PT (6.02 minutes according to Indian time). In the meantime, a Google spokesperson apologized for the inconvenience caused to the user. Also it was assured that this will not happen again in future.

Due to the downfall of YouTube, millions of users are being directly affected globally including America, UK and India. On behalf of Google, it has been said that the Google Meet service has been restored for some users. Soon the Google Meet service will be restored for the rest of the users. The company has said to be aware of the case. Youtube also accepted the service being down and informed that Youtube has started working again. 

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