Samsung launches Air Dresser, now the mess of washing machines is over

 You will no longer have the trouble of washing and drying clothes. Because South Korean company Samsung (Samsung) has launched the smart clothing care solution device Air Dresser in India (AirDresser) today. Through this device you will be able to clean daily clothes without any effort. This air dresser from Samsung will have jet air system. There will also be three air hangers. Any kind of clothes that you want to clean will need to be hung on this hanger. After this, the machine will clean itself and refresh it. Samsung said that this machine eliminates the smell of clothes and hidden germs with fast hot steam. Samsung claims that it works with very low voice and vibration.

image: Samsung

Availability of Samsung Air Dresser

AirDresser will be available on Samsung's official online store Samsung Shop and e-commerce portals Amazon and Flipkart from December 24, 2020. Samsung has priced this air dresser at Rs 110,000. Samsung is offering a discount of Rs 10,000 on this air dresser for 15 days under the introductory offer, you can also buy it at an 18-month no-cost EMI of Rs 5,555.

How it works

AirDresser has JetSteam which sanitizes clothes and eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from clothes. With this air dresser you can not only clean clothes, bedding and soft toys. AirDresser can also serve people in corporate boardrooms, VIP lounges, clubs, hotels, luxury retailer shops, designer houses.


Raju Pullan, Senior Vice President, Samsung India said that we are confident that consumers will enjoy better clothing care and easier maintenance with airdressers as it cleans clothes and eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria and it is a washing machine Will become an essential home appliance.

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