CES 2021: LG seen glimpse of first rollable smartphone

CES 2021 is being held in Las Vegas and for the first time the event is organized through online streaming. In this event, many big brands are launching their new devices and products. In such a situation, the news for LG users is that the company has showcased its most awaited Rollable Smartphone. Leaks and revelations were coming out about this smartphone for a long time. Let's know about LG Rollable Smartphone in detail ...

LG Rollable Smartphone

The company has shown the first glimpse of this smartphone at CES 2021, putting a stop to the news that has been coming for a long time about the LG Rollable smartphone. This rollable smartphone has an upward slide and its design is like a tablet. But during the event, the company has not shared any specific information about this smartphone nor has it said anything about its launch and availability. But after the showcase, it is being estimated that users will not have to wait much for the LG Rollable smartphone.

 By the way, this is not the first time that LG has done a teaser regarding its upcoming rollable smartphone. Rather, teasers related to it have been introduced many times before. But this time LG's CES 2021 conference has been presented through LG Rollable smartphone. In which this smartphone is seen opening of a tablet.

LG Smart TV Range

LG has also introduced its new series of OLED TVs at the CES 2021 event. The foot TV showcases have been done under this series. Including A1, B1, C1, G1 and Z1. These five TV users will be equipped with different screen sizes and features. Among these, C1 is the company's mid budget range TV which will be available in 48 inch and 83 inch screen sizes. Apart from OLED TV, the company has also introduced QNED TV.

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