Now you can take WhatsApp's chat history with Telegram

 If you want to leave WhatsApp but are confused about what will happen in chat history. So Telegram has found a solution for this. Telegram has launched a feature that allows the chat history of WhatsApp to be transferred to Telegram. This will benefit that the user will not have to compromise with the old chat while switching platforms.

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This new feature has been seen in the recently released iOS version 7.4. Telegram said that Android users will also get this feature. Not only WhatsApp, but Line and KakaoTalk's chat can also be transferred on Telegram. Users will get the facility to import backups with media files.

How to transfer WhatsApp chat on Telegram

Open Android users WhatsApp. After this, go to the chat of the users whose chat you want to export. After this, click on the three dots in the top right side.

Here the option for chat export will appear, after clicking on it, select the icon of the telegram below. If this icon does not appear, then update both your apps Telegram and WhatsApp.

Keep this in mind

You will have to transfer each chat one by one and this features will also work on group chat. But all these messages will appear on telegram to date. In WhatsApp chat, the message will not appear as it appears in the time line.

Telegram made headlines after WhatsApp's policy issue

This feature has been launched at a time when the number of telegram users worldwide is increasing rapidly. Currently Telegram has more than 500 million users. Telegram made headlines after WhatsApp's new privacy policy came to light. The company was told to share the users' data with Facebook and Instagram and to close the account if it did not agree. From then on, users began to switch to other platforms by bycoting WhatsApp. However, as the case grew, WhatsApp put a temporary moratorium on the new policy. Earlier, the new WhatsApp policy was to come into force from 8 February, which has been postponed to 15 May.

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