Whatsapp has clarified, your private messages will be completely secure

 Whatsapp is going to introduce its new privacy policy from 8 February next month. Under this policy, users have to share their private data with Facebook. After which a big question has arisen about the security of private data because if the users do not accept this policy till February 8, then their WhatsApp account will be closed. Now WhatsApp, while releasing an official tweet, has tried to clear the rumors.

Whatsapp has shared a post on its Twitter account and has tried to clear the ongoing rumors about privacy policy in it. The company says that 'we want to address some rumors and make it clear that your private messages with end to end encryption are 100 percent secure.

WhatsApp has also shared a screenshot with the tweet, through which it has tried to tell that it keeps the private messages of the users completely safe and secure. According to the screenshot, Whatsapp cannot read or hear your private messages. Nor does Facebook have any such rights. Even Whatsapp cannot see the location of your share. With this, the company has made it clear that it does not share any of your contacts with Facebook. WhatsApp groups will also remain private, they will not be made public.

Rumor continues among users

Whatsapp's new privacy policy remains in the discussion among users. Users are constantly worrying about whether their private data on Whatsapp is secure or not. After this, now users are extending their hand towards the recently discussed Signal app. Signal app was also praised by the world's richest man Elon Musk after which a growing craze is being seen among the users about this app.

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