For online education, new features will be available on Google Classroom and Meet

New safety and engagement features will now be available for online education on Google Meet app. Google says that with the help of these features, you will be able to make education more secure. Now the teachers will be able to end all calls simultaneously after the meeting is over. Even after the teacher is left with the call, the students remain connected in the room. The 'Mute All' feature will also be available in the next few weeks.

Education required without interruption: Product Manager

Product manager of Google Meet, Jennifer Shane said, "Sometimes it is necessary to study without interruption. So we are going to launch many such features in the coming months, which will make learning easier and safer." The host will be able to control the students who unmute themselves during the meeting. "

There will be an option to share screen

In the coming months, educators will have access to tablets or mobile phones that are used during online classes. That is, those who attend the meeting will be able to share the chat or screen of their iOS or Android device. By the end of this year, Google Classroom and Google Meet will work with better features.

Only students and teachers will remain in the class

Google said that when the meetings start in the classroom, then students will not be able to attend in front of the teacher. The meet will also reveal who is in the class's roster. Therefore, only students and teachers will be able to join the class.

Teachers will be able to share class load

Every teacher in the class will have the default rights to host the meeting. In such a situation, there are multiple teachers in the meeting, then they will be able to share to manage the class load. Shane said that meetings that begin in the classroom at the end of the year will support multiple hosts. 

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