You can mute the video before sending it on Whatsapp, just have to follow this simple process

 There are many such features on Whatsapp which is also very useful for users. Along with this, the company continues to introduce new features to provide better experience to its users. Recently Whatsapp has rolled out a feature that allows you to mute a video easily. Its specialty is that you can also send someone by muting the video. After which this person can only watch the video, cannot hear the audio of it. This feature will prove to be very useful for users because many times we do not want to listen to the conversation in the video, then in such a situation, we can use the mute feature.

How to mute video

If you want to mute that video before sending a video on Whatsapp, then for that you have to follow a very simple process. But before that do not forget to update your Whatsapp. Only after updating, you will get the feature of mute in the video.

After this you can record the video or select the one you want to send from the video in the gallery. Select the video and click on the share button there. After which you have to click on Whatsapp for sharing.

On Whatsapp, you will get the option to edit the video before sending it. If you want to edit, you can. After this, when you send the video, you will see a small speaker icon at the top left. The video will be muted as soon as it is clicked. You can also unmute the video by clicking on this icon. After this, you send the video. Whoever you have sent the video will only be able to watch the video and the audio will not be heard.
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