Big Claim in AIIMS Research: Corona's dangerous delta variant showing effect even after taking vaccine

The second wave of corona epidemic is coming to an end in the country. Meanwhile, in the last several months, new forms of corona have emerged in the country. These forms of corona are called variants. Out of this, a new research has come out about a delta variant, which is very intimidating. A research conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi has found that the delta variant (B1.617.2) seems to be very effective even after taking the corona vaccine. The study suggests that the delta variant of the corona virus is reducing the effectiveness of the vaccine. The delta variant is being found in most people infected after taking the vaccine.

The AIIMS study has also confirmed that the delta variant is very dangerous. The study has revealed that whether people have taken Covishield or Covaccine, the delta variant of the corona virus is capable of infecting people. It has been told in the research that even after taking one or both doses of the corona vaccine, the delta variant is showing its effect on people. Its danger is not decreasing. However, this research report is yet to be reviewed.

What is Corona Delta Variant?

The first type of corona detected in India was B.1.167.2. It is one of the three subspecies first found in India. It was found in India in October 2020. The B.1.167.2 variant found for the first time in India has been named the 'Delta variant'. So far this train has been found in about 53 countries of the world. The World Health Organization has described it as very dangerous.

Research By AIIMS

AIIMS had included 63 people in this study who became corona infected even after taking the vaccine. These included 36 people who had taken both doses of the vaccine, while 27 people had taken only one dose of the vaccine. Of these, 10 people had got the Kovishield vaccine while 52 people got the Covaccine. AIIMS said that out of these 63, 41 were men while the remaining 22 were women. It has been said in the study that all these 63 people got infected even after taking the vaccine, but not one of them has died. However, most of these people had very high fever for 5-7 days.


Delta variant in 60% of people taking double doses

The AIIMS study revealed that 60% of the people who took both the doses of the vaccine, while 77% of the people who took one dose were found to have a delta variant of the corona virus. The AIIMS study report says that the viral load was very high in all the patients during the diagnosis, whether they were patients who had taken both doses or those who took one dose. Also, both patients who took Covishield and those who received Covaccine had significantly higher levels of viral load.

Conclusion of Research

But in the end, the research report states that the delta variant reduces the effect of the vaccine to prevent infection, yet the vaccine is a very effective weapon against corona.

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