Despite the ban, playing PUBG may have to be expensive, How?


PUBG Ban In India

The central government has put a complete ban on PUBG apps last year. Since then, the period of ban has continued till today. Also, no new version of PUBG has been launched in India yet. But despite the ban some people are playing PUBG game. For this, users use Virtual Private Network (VPN). But if you play PUBG on a virtual network, then you may find it expensive to play this game. Actually, some such virtual networks have been identified in the past, which are very dangerous in terms of use. These dangerous apps can empty your bank account. In such a situation, users should not play games like PUBG on Virtual Private Network.

Delete these apps from phone immediately

According to research, if you have installed apps like Cake VPN, Pacific VPN, eVPN on your smartphone, then it can prove to be dangerous for you. If the report is to be believed, then these are all malicious Android apps, which install AlienBot Banker and MRAT on the smartphone. AlienBot is a malware that can steal banking details by breaching two factor authentication codes of financial apps. At the same time, it is also adept at dodging Google. In such a situation, the user should that if these dangerous apps are present in the phone, then they should be deleted immediately. Let us know that in the past, QR Code Scanner Max, Music Player and Tooltipnatorlibrary apps were said to be dangerous to use. Incidents like backend fraud could also be carried out from these apps.

What is VPN

With the help of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, the work of hiding your IP address is done. Simply put, VPN bypasses a lot of restrictions. Meaning if a website has restrictions in India, then it can be accessed over a VPN.

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