What is an easy way to keep your devices away from viruses, malware and non-essential content

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Any technology brings solution, using which we make our life better. For the past decade, smartphones and the Internet have told us that if we know how to use technology, then the system becomes better and life becomes easier too. Today, users who understand technology are doing many things with the help of internet, which was not possible earlier. From booking tickets to paying bills and from shopping to video calling, everything is being done easily through smartphones. Not only this, our access to education has also become easier. Wherever you are in the world, if you have internet on your phone or laptop, then you can easily get online education. The Internet has also made work from home easier. Office work can be done sitting at home and clients can also be talked to.

It is true that we are taking full advantage of technology. But technology also brings with it many dangers, due to which we need to be alert and careful so that no one can break into our phones, computers, laptops etc. Internet-operated devices. One such layer of security has been added to Airtel Extreme Fiber, which is named Secure Internet. If you have Airtel Extreme Fiber-Broadband installed in your home, then you can also take advantage of this feature.

With the way the Internet is rapidly entering different areas, it is proving to be the biggest challenge to experience the Internet with security. Fraudsters are waiting for you to do something wrong and steal your bank details, card details and personal details and misuse it. Cases like phishing scams, online fraud, viruses and malware, obscene and non-essential content are increasing very fast on the internet. In such a situation, you should think about how to take the experience of the Internet by staying safe.

Take advantage of the Airtel Secure Internet feature to secure the devices used through WiFi at home. It is very easy to subscribe to this feature. For this, first you go to the Thanks App. After that tap on Thanks page and then go to Secure Internet. Finally click on subscribe. This service will be activated in one to two minutes. Talking about the benefits of this feature, four profiles like Virus Protection, Child Safe, Study Mode and Work Mode have been given in it.

Virus Protection Profile is to protect all devices connected to WiFi from viruses and malware. Adults can activate a child safe profile to keep children away from social and gaming sites and apps. If you or someone in the household is studying or preparing for an exam, the study mode profile can block distracting content. The Secure Internet feature also has a Work Mode Profile to allow you to fully concentrate on work while working from home. Through this you can block entertainment websites, apps and videos.

Online fraudsters can reach you through any app and website. In such a situation, it is important that you, your children and the elderly use the Internet safely. 

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