Smart ways of making the Smartphone Waterproof, Dirt-Proof and Dust-Proof


The safety of phones and other gadgets is very important while going out of the house during rainy days. Especially when the phone is not waterproof, then it becomes necessary to worry about it. By the way, there are some such accessories in the market with the help of which you can make the smartphone waterproof. Also, with the help of some tips, this work can also be done. Let's know about this today...

1. Water Proof Case

Sometimes even after safety, water gets into the phone. In such a situation, it is necessary that the user has such a smart cover that makes the phone waterproof. The covers that we are talking about will keep the phone completely safe in the rain. Waterproof cases also come in hard case and soft case. Their price can range from 200 to 1000 rupees.

Features of this case

a. The special thing about these covers is that they are comfortable with the phone.

b. Smartphones also come easily along with feature phones in these.

c. Users can also go to the swimming pool with the rain by keeping the phone in these covers.

d. They are designed in such a way that no water gets into any part of the phone.

Advantages of Cover: 

The smartphone can be used easily in these cases. They have access to all kinds of buttons, controls and other parts of the phone. Apart from being waterproof, they are also shockproof and dust-proof.

Disadvantages of Cover: 

If the cover is in hard material then it can be heavy, or its size will become so big that you will not be able to keep the phone easily in the pocket. The sound of the call is also reduced. 

2. Nano Coating on mobile

Nano coating is a hydrophobic liquid that does not allow water to stick to its surface. It is used on waterproof electronics items, as it prevents water from entering the device. However, this coating does not make the phone waterproof, but it can be protected from light rain, drops. The nano coating can be easily removed by rubbing the top of the phone. Its price ranges from 500 to 1000 rupees.

Advantages of Nano Coating: 

The use of this coating does not harm the phone. That is, by applying this coating on the screen of the phone, it works as before.

Disadvantages of Nano Coating: 

Don't make the mistake of submerging the phone in water after applying it. It is not shockproof. The brightness of the screen of the phone gets reduced a lot.

3. Waterproof skin for Phone

This is the cheapest way to make the phone waterproof. A waterproof phone skin is a thin adhesive film that is applied directly to the phone. After fixing the phone in the skin, it is covered from the back side. However, this is not a permanent solution and it can be used only for a few days. Its price ranges from 200 to 2000 rupees.

Advantages of waterproof skin:

Affordable and can be used with any normal phone.

Disadvantages of waterproof skin: 

The skin has to be removed to charge the phone. Sound quality deteriorates. Can be used for a limited time only.

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